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Tourist visa
The application process: 

Since the 10th of December 2014 the Russian embassy requires you to apply for the visa in person. Unfortunately that means we can not apply on your behalf, but we can still offer a service that can help you.

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From the 10 December 2014 all applicants who wish to apply for a Russian visa should do so in person at the Russian Visa Application Centres in London and Edinburgh, otherwise applications cannot be accepted. This is due the Russian embassy now requesting a fingerprint as part of the application process. In the event of a refusal, the applicant will not be issued a visa.

Visa24 has helped applicants to obtain the Russian visas for many years, however due to this new policy, applicants will have to go in person to provide the biometric information, such as fingerprints. Unfortunately, we cannot process your application anymore without your presence at the visa application centre.

Visa24 can still obtain tourist and business visa invitations on your behalf. Also as we understand that the online Russia visa application can still be complicated, increasing the chance of being rejected. For this reason we still offer to handle the online application on your behalf, emailing it to you on completion. At this point you can then print, check and sign it and take to the visa centre with your passport and the required documents. This service can be provided for £15 per application.

However that’s not all! We will also advise you on which documents to include with your application as well as lots of tips on how to get your visa as quickly as possible. Reminder: If you do the application online and you go to the visa centre with a document missing or a mistake you will have to come back to the centre to and begin the application process again. Using Visa24 can avoid these potential pitfalls and errors, ensuring a speedy application process.

How to make an application


Fill out the form below

You will find this form below just complete it and click submit. If you encounter any difficulties with the form, feel free to call us for more assistance.


We will prepare you application

Our specialized team will prepare the application for you. This is to ensure there are no errors on the form and to minimize reasons to reject your application. We will send the application to you once completed.


You will receive the application via email

As soon as the application is ready, the latest by 24 hours, we will email it to you along with any additional information and list of documents required to submit your application at the Visa Application Centre.


Go to the visa centre to submit it

After you received all documents by email you are ready to go to the Visa Application Centre to submit your application and to provide your fingerprints. Please refer to the current opening times on the Russian Visa Application Centre website.

What to include in an application

1. A completed Russian Visa Application Form

If you are unable to download our application call us and we will send this to you by mail. The application can be filled out by hand. Please ensure the signature is identical to the one in your passport.

2. One recent, quality, passport sized photograph

The photo should be (45mm x 35mm) taken against a white background (the background must be white!). If you cannot get a photo yourself then we can print one for you from a digital copy.

3. Your valid original passport(s)

It must be valid for at least the next 6 months when you apply for the visa, with at least two blank pages remaining. The passport should be in acceptable condition. If not there is a chance your application would be rejected.

4. Any additional documents

You may need to send some additional documentation under certain circumstances (such as non UK passport holders). Click below to go to the questions to help find out if you need to include anything else. After that you are ready to apply.



All tourist visa applications

  • Suitable for tourism
  • Emailed directly to you
  • Print & take to the embassy


You will need one photograph

Please supply one photograph with your application. It does not need to be fixated onto the application form, just place it in the envelope along with the rest of documentation.


Your photograph needs to be exactly 45x35mm. This is the standard passport photograph size and can be obtaining from the majority of the photo booths in the country.


The photo needs to have taken with the last 3 months. If you use the same photograph that is in your passport then your application would not be accepted.


The photo-print should be clear and with a continuous tone and printed on proper photographic paper.

Your passport

Is it acceptable?

The embassy has strict guidelines regarding what they consider to be an acceptable passport. If they deem it unacceptable the application will be aborted and you may lose your application fee. It should also meet the following conditions:

Valid from/to 6 months

The passport should be valid for at least another 6 months. If it is due to expire before then, you will need to get a new passport. Additionally, if the passport was issued less than 6 months ago, you will need to include your previous passport with the application.

Free pages

The passport needs to have two completely free pages facing each other in order that the visa can be stamped in. If you do not have two pages side by side then you will need to get a new passport.

Country: UK passport

You must hold a valid UK passport in order to apply under the standard conditions. If you hold another type of passport, please see the additional documentation section on this page to find out what else you need to include.

Payment methods

3 ways to pay

There are three different ways you can pay for your visa application as listed below. Please note that we submit your application as soon as we receive it so whichever payment method you choose it will not have an impact on the application process. There may be a delay in emailing the invoice to you but this doesn't impact on the delivery time.


You can include cash with your application when you are sending the application forms to us. You would find the appropriate amount on the order form.


You can include a Cheque or Postal Order with your application when you are sending it to us. If so, please make it payable to Visa24.


You can pay by BACS bank transfer while your application is being processed. If you choose this option, we shall invoice you once we have received your application and you make the payment while the embassy considers your request.

Visa application form


Visa24 is not affiliated with the government of Russia. If you want to apply for a visa directly with the Russian Embassy, you can make an appointment to go in person. Click here for the Russian Embassy website in the United Kingdom.

Complementary information

We can help with Russian tourist visaSince we receive many questions about getting a Russian visa, we have put together this informal guide about Russian tourist visa or Russian travel visa. As of 10 December 2014, you need to visit the Russian Embassy in London to start the application process for your Russia visitor visa. This means making an appointment, visiting the embassy, filling out the online Russia visa form, and making sure that you have all the required documents with you otherwise you need to visit one more time.

As air travel prices came down, the popularity of this great country has grown and demand for a tourist visa to Russia has increased a lot but there was still only one place to get the Russian holiday visa in London. This has further increased the waiting time and has put the importance of having all the required paperwork with you to avoid losing out on income due to missing work for more than one day.

Get your Visa for Russia in LondonThey still allow visa agencies like Visa 24 to help you preparing the paperwork and advise you on what documents you need. All you need to do is to download and fill out an application for your tourist visa for Russia, pay a small service fee on top of the embassy fee and we will prepare the paperwork for you to make sure that when you show up for your visa you will be all set. Instead of just showing up and hoping for the best we will help you to be prepared.
Stop reading all the confusing information online about how to get a tourist visa for Russia and let us do the work for you. We will review all the paperwork before sending it to you and ensure that your application process will be smooth and you won’t lose precious time due to missing paperwork. 
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