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Business visa
The application process: 

This page deals with the application process in the UK for a Chinese business visa. Please read carefully through the entire page as additional documents may be required from you depending on your circumstances.Applicants who are aged between 14 to 70 inclusive applying for Chinese visas are required to give fingerprints and photo take at the Visa Application Centres.

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Important New Notice

1. Media Related Applicants

All applicants that work for a media company are required to provide an employer letter stating the job position and the purpose of applicants trip to China, The letter must be on company letter headed paper. Also a self declaration to confirm the same (their job title and must mention that the trip is purely for tourism) is required.

2. Exemption from express service

Former middle east nationals, such as Pakistan, Libya, Turkey etc. who apply for a China visa, need to provide either their original passport or ID card of the country of their origin or a statement explaining they do not hold this any longer. You will also need to provide this, when applying for the normal service. If you are uncertain if your country of origin will affect your application please contact us for assistance.

How to make an application


Download the visa form

Download the visa application form from this web page. The form can be downloaded by clicking here. You can then save it to your computer.


Fill out form by hand

Print out and begin filling in the form with a black pen. If you have any questions regarding the form, please call us for advice free of charge. We are more than happy to help you.


Send it to us

Send the application and your passport to us along with any additional documents mentioned on the form. It is best to post it using a secure service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or another courier company.


What to include in an application

1. A completed Chinese Visa Application Form

If you are unable to download our application call us and we will send you one by mail. The application may be filled out by hand. Please ensure the signature is identical to the one on your passport.

2. One recent, quality, passport sized photograph

The photo should be (45mm x 35mm) taken against a white background (the background must be white!). If you cannot obtain a photo yourself then we can print this for you from a digital file.

3. Your valid original passport(s)

It must be valid for at least the next 6 months when you apply for the visa, with at least two blank pages remaining. The passport should be in acceptable condition. If not, there is a chance your application will be rejected.

4. A Business Invitation Letter

This must be a formal, signed letter on the company's letter headed paper. Fortunately, only a copy is required, so you can have a scanned version emailed to you then print it out and include it with the application. However ensure that the copy is decent quality.

5. Proof of Stay in China

Please include photocopies of both your passport and any previous Chinese visa you have had. If you have never been granted a Chinese visa before then you do not need to include anything else.

6. Any Additional Documentation

You may need to send some additional documentation under certain circumstances. Please check below at the additional documents section to find out if you need to include anything else. After that you are ready to submit the application.

Visa application form

Download, print & fill out the form.

The form is in PDF format. When you have downloaded the form, please print it out and fill it in using a black pen. Kindly ensure all the fields of the visa application form are completely filled out before submitting. If a question does not apply, please write ‘N/A’. You must fill the form out using BLOCK CAPITALS.



Copy of invitation from China

This must be a formal, signed letter on the company’s letter headed paper and state the following:

  • Full company address and phone numbers in China
  • Date that the letter was issued
  • Full name of the applicant , date of birth , gender
  • Passport number, issue and expiry date
  • Relation to the inviting company
  • First entry and exit date in china
  • Relationship between the applicant and the inviter
  • Purpose of visit (must be business meetings if it states ‘training’ the embassy may ask to submit an application for a work visa instead)
  • Cities to be visited
  • Source of financial support
  • Company stamp and signature (round red)

(Important) The person that signs the letter must write their full name and position in the company. Name and signature must match their passport, (usually inviters write their English names when they send the letters to Europe, so please keep in mind that the embassy stopped accepting them. The name must be exactly like in their passports)

(If the Embassy is in doubt regarding the name or the signature, they will return the passport without visa and will require to provide a passport copy of the person that signed the invitation letter. To avoid any delays you may ask them to provide the passport copy of the main page and the signature page)


When sending us your application, please ensure to include photocopies of the two following items:


The main page in your passport. This means the page with your passport photo, name and date of birth. Please ensure it is a clear copy.


The last Chinese visa you had. If you have never had a Chinese visa before then you can skip this requirement. Otherwise, please include a clear copy of the last visa for your application.

Additional documents you may need to include

Are you Self Employed?
All Self Employed applicants must write their job title and business nature at section 1.5 where it says "Other (please specify) on the application form. (Media related applicants may get their visas restricted to single or double entry).
Do you Work for a media company?
All applicants that work for a media company must provide a letter from the employer to state the applicants job title, must confirm the purpose of the trip, letter must be on company letter headed paper. Also a self declaration is required from the applicant explaining the same
Do you hold a EU passport?
For most of EU passport there is not an express service, and there is no multiple entry visa available, only single or double entry visa. For EU members, if they study or work in UK without relevant visa or permit, they have to provide a Letter of Employrnent or Study saying they are working or studying in UK. Contact details of the employer/school is required. If unemployed, they have to provide a Letter of Employment or study from their spouse, who has been working or studying here. Contact details of the employer/school is required. Copy is ok..
Do you hold a Non EU passport?
All non EU passport holders are required to provide a copy of their UK visa or if they hold a resident card must sent in the original card and a copy. There is no express service for most of non EU passport holders and no multiple entry visa available.
Do you hold a French passport?
French passport holders are required to provide ORIGINAL business invitation letter. Either from the Chinese Foreign Ministry or from the Duly Authorised Unit (bearing its seal) or from a trading partner or a company in China (providing also the envelope that the letter was sent to applicant) and must provide a written itinerary day by day of their planed trip in china. and must also provide their flight and hotel bookings
applicant is under 18 years old?
Applications for those who are under 18 years old should be signed by both parents and their guardians on the form Section 5. Also they are advised to provide birth certificate (original and copy), original Chinese passports or travel documents (original and copy if applicable), passports of both parents (original and copy of information page and signature page) and relevant legal documents for the guardians (original and copy) plus passport of the guardians (original and copy of information page and signature page). .
Were you born in China?
If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you should provide the last Chinese passport held and a photocopy of its data page. If you have obtained Chinese visas before and apply for a Chinese visa with a renewed foreign passport that does not contain any Chinese visa, you should provide original previous passport(s)and present the photocopy of the previous passport's data page and the photo page if it is separate, as well as the previous Chinese visa page (If your name on the current passport differs from that on the previous one, you must provide an official document of name change
Do you require the visa as fast as possible?
Make sure you chose express service, and we receive it before 10:00 on a working day
On the Chinese visa application form doesn't show the option for 24 months multiple entry visa?
Please tick on Others (please specify) on section 2.2 on the form and write 24 months please


Visa type 5 working days service 3 working days service
UK-USA & Canada passports Single, Double, Multiple Entry Business Visa, Valid up to 24 Months £365
Consular fee    : £151
Service charge : £49.17
Vat                      : £9.83
Consular fee     : £178
Service Charge : £60
  Vat                    : £12
Other Passports Single Entry Business Visa, Valid for 3 Months £215
Consular fee    : £86
Service charge : £45
Vat                      : £9 
Consular fee    : £113
Service charge : £47
Vat                      : £10
Double Entry Business Visa, Valid for 6 Months £225
Consular fee     : £96
Service charge : £45
Vat                      : £9
Consular fee    : £123
Service charge : £47
Vat                      : £10
NOTE: If it is important for you that the application begins processing at the embassy the day we receive it. Then we need to recieve the application between 9.00am and 10:00am on a working day. If we receive the application outside of this window then the application can not be submitted until the next working day.


You will need one photograph

Please supply one photograph with your application. It does not need to be affixed to the application, but just left loose in the envelope along with the rest of documentation.


Your photograph needs to be exactly 45x35mm. This is the standard passport photograph size and can be obtaining from the majority of the photo booths in the country.


The photo needs to have taken with the last 3 months. If you use the same photograph that is in your passport then your application would not be accepted.


The photo-print should be clear and with a continuous tone and printed on proper photographic paper.

Your passport

Is it acceptable?

The embassy has strict guidelines regarding what they consider to be an acceptable passport. If they deem it unacceptable the application will be aborted and you may lose your application fee. It should also meet the following conditions:

Valid from/to 6 months

The passport should be valid for at least another 6 months. If it is due to expire before then, you will need to get a new passport. Additionally, if the passport was issued less than 6 months ago, you will need to include your previous passport with the application.

Free pages

The passport needs to have two completely free pages facing each other in order that the visa can be stamped in. If you do not have two pages side by side then you will need to get a new passport.

Country: UK passport

You must hold a valid UK passport in order to apply under the standard conditions. If you hold another type of passport, please see the additional documentation section on this page to find out what else you need to include.

Posting the application

Where to post it?

When you have gathered all of the required documents together you can send the application to us by any method you wish. We recommend using Royal Mail’s special delivery services or if you prefer another courier service that’s fine too. If you live close by, you might consider bringing it in to our offices in person. Regardless of the method, if we receive the application before 9.20am on a week day, we can begin processing the same day. You should send the complete visa application package to:
China Visa 24
36 Old Jewry, 6th Floor, Becket House, London EC2R 8DD

Payment methods

3 ways to pay

There are three different ways you can pay for your visa application as listed below. Please note that we submit your application as soon as we receive it so whichever payment method you choose it will not have an impact on the application process. There may be a delay in emailing the invoice to you but this doesn't impact on the delivery time.


You can include cash with your application when you are sending the application forms to us. You would find the appropriate amount on the order form.


You can include a Cheque or Postal Order with your application when you are sending it to us. If so, please make it payable to Visa24.


You can pay by BACS bank transfer while your application is being processed. If you choose this option, we shall invoice you once we have received your application and you make the payment while the embassy considers your request.

Getting your visa back

There are three different ways to receive your passport and visa when the process is complete. You can select the option on the order form that you download and print out from this web page. The options are:

1. Shipping
Shipping is the most common way for us to return passports and visas to our customers. Please note that shipping times are not included in visa turn-around times and that all passports despatched on Fridays will be delivered the following Monday unless a Saturday service is specified and paid for. Here is a list of the postal services you can choose from:

Shipping Service Additional cost
Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day £10
Royal Mail Special Deliver Next Day with Consequential Loss £16
Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day (9am delivery) £20

2. Collection
You can opt to either collect the passport and visa yourself from our offices, have a colleague collect it on your behalf or hire a courier company to do so. If you do select this option, then please mention the details on the order form when sending the application to us.

3. Return envelope
If you wish you can include a stamped, addressed envelope with your application. This way you select which postal service you would like. Please note that if it is this option that you select then our staff can provide little assistance in the tracking of your passport and visa back to you. If you use a normal postal service (like 1st class), you leave your documents open to theft.


How do I pay?
Cheque/Postal Order: You can include a cheque or postal order with the application making it payable to VISA24.
Cash: You can pay by cash upon submission or collection of your passport. You can also send us the cash payment with your application, we would then recommend sending this via recorded mail.
Bank Transfer: You or your company can pay by bank transfer by choosing “Bank Transfer” on the payment options on our order form. You will then receive an email from us with our bank details and an itemised invoice.

What is the deadline for submissions?
If we receive your application by 9.45 then it will be submitted the same day. This would then be the first processing day in the process. If you are sending your package with Royal Mail, you must use the 9am delivery option for the application to go in the same day.
How long is a visa valid for?
This is dependant on your choice of visa. please refer to our visa list for more details on our selection of visa types and validity periods.
Do I have to send you my original passport?
You will need to send your valid original passport, the Chinese visa will be applied in your passport, so please make sure you have free double page on your passport before you apply.
We recommend sending your passport and application with a recorded delivery option.
How should I send my passport?
For urgent service, you must get your passport to us before 9:00am. We cannot submit your application to the embassy after 10:00 am. You can use Royal Mail 9 am special delivery, or any courier of your choice, or you can drop off your application in person.
How do you send my passport back?
You will find the delivery options on the order form. You can either collect it from our offices or have a courier/friend pick it up
Is the price all inclusive?
Yes, it is all inclusive, there are no extra costs except those ones stated on our website and order form. Our Prices include the Embassy Fee, Service Fee and VAT. However you will need to pay for the delivery option of your choice. If you want your passport returned to you by post, please see our order form for more options.
What if I can’t download or print the Chinese Visa Application Form?
Send us an email at Include your postal address or fax number in your request and we will send you the form. Alternatively call us free on 08000845037 Mon-Fri 9am – 5.30pm.
What if I decide to cancel my visa application after sending you my passport?
If you should cancel your application after it has been submitted, it can take up to 3-4 days for the embassy to release it. Please note that Visa24 will not charge a service fee for a cancelled application, however fees charged by the Embassy will still apply.
When is the Chinese visa valid from?
The Chinese visa is valid from the day it is granted. Once in country you are either granted 30,60 or 90 days stay depending on how long your hotel bookings/private invitation state.
How soon can you submit the application to the embassy to begin processing?
If you need us to submit the application to the embassy the same day we recieve it then the receipt deadline is 9.15am. If we receive the application after this cut off time then unfortunately we cannot submit until the next working day.


Visa24 is not affiliated with the government of China. If you want to apply for a visa directly with the Chinese Embassy, you can make an appointment to go in person. Click here for the Chinese Embassy website in the United Kingdom.

Complementary information

China visa agency LondonSince we receive many questions about getting a business visa for China, we have put together this informal guide about our Chinese visa agency in London. Traditionally, you have had to visit the Chinese Embassy to start the application process for your China business visa. This meant making an appointment first, visiting the embassy at least two times, filling out the visa form, and spending several hours traveling and waiting in line, resulting in lost income due to missing 2 days from work.

As air travel prices came down, the popularity of this great country has grown and demand for a business visa to china has increased a lot but there was still only one place to get it in the United Kingdom. This has further increased the waiting time and has put the pressure on officials to come up with an alternative solution. A different method for getting a visa for Chinese visa was implemented.

Chinese visa officeThey have allowed Chinese visa agencies like Visa 24 to file the paperwork instead of the person who is traveling. Now all you need to do is to download and fill out an application for your business visa for China, send in the form along with your passport, photograph, and any additional documents – you can find the exact document required higher on this page – pay a small service fee on top of the embassy fee and you are all set. Instead of having just one Chinese visa office where you have to turn up physically, you can now save all the time used to be lost on travel and also save your lost revenue from work.

Stop reading all the confusing information online about how to get a China business visa and let us do the work for you. We will review all the paperwork before submitting and ensure that your application process will be smooth and you won’t lose precious time due to missing details. Once your visa is ready, we will send it to you or notify you that it is ready to be picked up in our Chinese visa agency in London, depending on which method you have chosen for getting your passport back.

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